Rau is Dead Wrong on South Road

Media Release


27 November 2013

John Rau's letter regarding the Australian Government's commitment to South Road is deliberately misleading and riddled with false claims.

In a desperate letter to his constituents, the Member for Enfield says:

Sadly, our new Commonwealth Government and the State Liberals want to scrap construction of the Torrens to Torrens section of South Road.

We are being asked to halt construction on this crucial section of South Road and construct the Darlington section, in the southern suburbs, delaying an upgrade in the west indefinitely.

Mr Rau's comments are patently false and he should stop misleading his constituents.

The Prime Minister, on 19 October 2013, committed the Australian Government to a complete upgrade of the north-south road corridor within the next decade, including both the Darlington Interchange and Torrens-to-Torrens projects.

That is why the Australian Government has committed $500 million towards Darlington Interchange and asked the South Australian Government to develop a comprehensive business case for the project by Christmas.

We have also asked the South Australian Government to continue planning the Torrens Road to Torrens River project, using the $20 million in Australian Government funding that has already been provided.

At a time when the Australian Government is actively pursuing the development of these vital projects, the Deputy Premier's intervention is counter-productive and clearly demonstrates Labor is more interested in playing politics than delivering for the people of South Australia.