Funding Committed to Darlington Interchange Business Case

Media Release


13 December 2013

I am pleased to announce that I have now approved $8.5 million in federal funding towards the South Road Planning Study—Anzac Highway to Southern Expressway, which includes the Darlington interchange.

This is not only an indication of the Australian Government's commitment to the Darlington interchange, but an act of faith with the State Government to ensure this important project starts as soon as practicable.

Consistent with our very clear election commitment, the Australian Government will allocate $500 million to complete the Darlington interchange as a priority.

However, our commitment to Darlington in no way diminishes the importance of upgrading other sections of South Road.

That is why the Prime Minister, on 19 October 2013, committed the Australian Government to a complete upgrade of the North-South Road corridor within the next decade, including both the Darlington interchange and Torrens-to-Torrens projects.

In addition to expediting the Darlington interchange business case, we have also asked the South Australian Government to continue planning the Torrens Road to Torrens River project, using the $20 million in Australian Government funding that has already been provided.

Our plan to upgrade the entire length of South Road is an ambitious commitment, but one that must be met if we are to boost South Australia's productive capacity.

I look forward to working closely with the South Australian Government to plan and deliver this vital piece of infrastructure for the benefit of all South Australians.