Transcript of Joint Doorstop in NSW with Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Hon Jamie Briggs MP and Member for Dobell, Karen McNamara MP



27 February 2015

Subjects: Ridgeway Road, Norah Head Boat Ramp upgrade

Question: It is so nice to see some federal funding being used up at the Central Coast.

Jamie Briggs: I think what we're showing today is that Karen McNamara doesn't just make promises; she delivers upon them. This is an example of that. We've just been at Ridgeway Road where we've spent $2 million or over $2 million upgrading the road and now we're here with this boat ramp. I'd like to congratulate the Wyong Shire Council for the work they've done with Karen in ensuring the money that was promised in the election campaign has been spent so quickly. It is really pleasing from the Infrastructure Minister's point of view to see money spent on local projects, local jobs to improve local communities.

Question: Yeah, nice. I suppose a shame it's gone over by a few months. We're looking at opening soon?

Jamie Briggs: Well, I'm told later in March and so people will be able to use it from that time, but really it has been rolled out pretty quickly. Karen was elected 17 months ago, Karen's been on this case for some time, this is my second visit to it and she's delivered. People on the Central Coast should know when Karen McNamara says she will do something, she delivers on that commitment.

Question: I know that the funds came from the Better Boating program; with the, I suppose, time blow out of three months, are we looking at extra costing or is it still going to be kept under the initial [indistinct]?

Jamie Briggs: No, it will be within the cost allocation that we had, in keeping with the announcement we made. I think the local contractors have done a good job. Working in wet environments, in ocean environments is difficult. They are dealing with challenging issues that don't usually occur when you're just building roads, for instance. The advice I've received from the Wyong Shire Council is that the contracts have done a very good job in difficult circumstances.

Question: [Indistinct] and Karen good to see, I suppose, a long awaited project nearing its completion.

Karen McNamara: Absolutely, this is fantastic news for the local boating community. It will also attract more tourists which is very important for our local economy.

Question: Nice. We'll leave it there, thank you.