Transcript of Interview: ABC Rural



29 July 2014


Lucy Barbour: The Assistant Minister for Infrastructure, Jamie Briggs, says he can't guarantee when the Roads to Recovery funding will become available, and he's condemned Labor for playing politics.

Jamie Briggs: Well, the Labor Party are moving amendments which are inappropriate for the legislation; so we're not going to support them. At the end of the day, why this hasn't passed the Parliament is a matter for the Labor Party. We are very eager to get these changes through to make sure that people can be paid; the councils can be paid their Roads to Recovery money appropriately, at the right time. But we're not going to play political games that the Labor Party are trying to set up.

Lucy Barbour: But what sort of amendments has the Labor Party tried to move?

Jamie Briggs: Well, again, you'll need to talk to the Labor Party about that. But what we've done is we've made appropriate changes to the supporting, or enabling, legislation, particularly clarifying—given recent High Court cases about the power we can make payments—what the basis of the power the Federal Government can make payments on. The Labor Party are trying to play games with it, and they should stop and let us get the legislation through.

Lauren Fitzgerald: Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs ending Lucy Barbour's report.