Opening Remarks at the Official Launch of Sense-T Alpha Trial



10 July 2014

Thank you, Amanda. Look, thank you all, really, for having Eric and I out today for the launch at Houston Farms. Thanks so much for allowing us to stomp all over your lettuce patch.

It's great technology and it really is part of, I think, what we're trying to do down in Tasmania, obviously, with the new government with Will Hodgman and Eric being elected at the last election, we're very focused on creating a sustainable economy, growing the economy in Tasmania faster than what it obviously has been, and clearly agriculture's a big part of the future of Tasmania and the opportunities that the state has.

And so this, I think, is exactly what the sorts of projects where the Australian Government can help influence the future, not by picking winners, as such, but by creating technologies or assisting smart people, like Amanda and her team, to create those technologies so we've got a better outcome for productivity, for growth and for jobs, ultimately, and a better economic future for Tasmania.

So look, it's a real privilege to be here, to launch this today and it's great to see it in operation and it will be terrific to go on a tour and have a look.

So, thanks so much.