Transcript of Doorstop, Roma Mitchell Building, North Terrace, Adelaide



03 April 2014

Jamie Briggs: It was a good discussion, and we're working through in the budget context about how we get on and build the whole North-South Corridor in a decade as the Prime Minister committed to.

Question: Are you satisfied with the planning work that's gone on? Are they up to speed?

Jamie Briggs: More satisfied today than I was before the meeting. I think the work that's gone on is very encouraging, and I think there is an arrangement we can work towards very quickly to achieve what both the state government is looking to do, and what we're looking to do, and what people of South Australia want us to do.

Question: Which would you say is the priority of the two?

Jamie Briggs: We've always said, and the Prime Minister announced in October last year, that both projects are important and we should get on with both projects.

Question: But would you get on with both concurrently?

Jamie Briggs: Well, we'll make lots of announcements around the Budget.

Question: You said going into the meeting that you hoped that the state government would get on the Federal Government's page—does that mean you want the Darlington side to start first?

Jamie Briggs: No, it means that we want to get the North-South Corridor upgraded in a decade, and I'm more confident after seeing the work that's been done with the $8.5 million from the Federal Government in December that we will be able to do that.

Thank you.

Question: Thank you.