Queensland misleads on Northern Australia roads funding

Media Release


19 May 2017

The latest claims by the Queensland Government about the State's funding allocation under the Northern Australia Roads Programme are misleading. They are another pathetic attempt by the Labor Party to distract Queenslanders from the State Government's ongoing failures.

Last month, I stood with the Queensland Treasurer to announce funding for four roads in north Queensland under the Programme and he didn't raise any concerns with me.

Just yesterday, I was with Queensland Roads Minister Mark Bailey, who said:

"We work very well together, and this is a great example of doing that. We will continue to work with the Federal Government to get win-wins on the cross-river rail project, but I absolutely enjoy working with Minister Chester. We get a lot done in this road space." (Press conference, 18/5/17)

As has been proven consistently, the Australian Government is prepared to make serious investments in Queensland roads, with $13.7 billion to be provided for Queensland infrastructure from 2013–14 to 2020–21, helping to support jobs and growth across the state.

The $600 million Northern Australia Roads Programme was created to be allocated across the entirety of northern Australia, with merit-based assessments on a competitive basis.

As it stands, Queensland will have 10 projects funded, and will receive around $223 million from the Australian Government under the programme. It is very important to note that ALL of these are state roads and are the responsibility of the Queensland Government.

In contrast, Western Australia will have five projects funded (receiving around $171 million from the Australian Government), and the Northern Territory will have five projects funded (receiving around $192 million from the Australian Government).

These projects are all being funded on an 80:20 basis, with the Australian Government contributing the lion's share of funding.