3–Ps sets direction for Australia's aviation safety body

Media Release


28 March 2017

The Australian Government has issued a new Statement of Expectations (SOE) for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), with the direction that regulatory activity be pragmatic, practical and proportional.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said the new SOE provided clear direction for the Board and staff of CASA on the Government's expectations and priorities for aviation safety over the next two years.

“This Statement sets out in an open and formal way some important parameters for CASA's regulatory approach, including implementing its regulatory philosophy,” Mr Chester said.

“CASA has an extremely important role to play in maintaining Australia's enviable safety record, having regard to risk; CASA must also take into account the economic and cost impact on the aviation industry.

“A pragmatic, practical and proportional approach to regulatory activity is intended to help support aviation growth in this country, particularly in the general aviation sector.”

CEO of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia Mike Higgins welcomed the new SOE.

“It is an excellent starting point for future engagement with CASA at all levels. It reinforces and builds on the great work already undertaken by CASA's acting CEO Shane Carmody,” Mr Higgins said.

The SOE also includes a number of important aviation initiatives which the Government expects CASA to pay particular attention to, such as changes taking place with air traffic services and Airservices Australia's new operating model.

“I've also asked CASA to focus effort on enhancing the level of controlled airspace, including at major regional airports,” Mr Chester said.

“I look forward to CASA making strong progress against this Statement and encourage the aviation industry to provide cooperative input to the important work that will be progressed over the next few years.”

The SOE is a legislative instrument available on the Federal Register of Legislation at https://www.legislation.gov.au/