Coalition Government fixing Western Australia roads

Media Release


07 June 2017

Joint release with:

Dean Smith

Senator for Western Australia
Chair of the Western Australian Black Spot Consultative Panel

  • Western Australia allocated $6.68 million under latest Black Spot Programme funding
  • On average, black spot projects reduce fatal and injury crashes by 30%

The Coalition Government is increasing the safety of Western Australian motorists by upgrading 35 roads that have a history of crashes.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester, alongside Senator for Western Australia and Chair of the Western Australian Black Spot Consultative Panel Dean Smith, today announced $6.68 million for the state under the Black Spot Programme's 2017–18 funding round.

“The Australian Government knows the difference safer roads make to the community and by improving these ‘black spot’ roads over the next 12 months everyone will benefit,” Mr Chester said.

“I'm passionate about keeping people safe on our roads, and on average completed Black Spot road projects reduce fatalities and injuries by 30 per cent.”

Senator Smith said this investment in black spot projects will deliver safer roads in 22 local government areas throughout Western Australia.

“The 34 black spot projects will make a significant contribution to improving road safety in Western Australia, with five fatal and 249 injury crashes recorded at these sites,” Senator Smith said.

The Australian Government would like to thank the panel, which reviews priorities for the Black Spot programme, including representatives from the Royal Automobile Club of WA, Western Australian Road Transport Association, Road Safety Commission, Western Australian Local Government Association and Main Roads Western Australia.

This Black Spot programme funding is in addition to the $44.2 million announced in the recent federal Budget towards regional road projects to improve regional road safety across Western Australia.

For more information on the Australian Government's Black Spot Programme, or to nominate a black spot, visit

A full list of the Black Spot projects in Western Australia is below.

2017–18 Black Spot Projects—Western Australia

Project NameTreatmentAustralian Government FundingLocal Government Area
Rowley Road East
From Eleventh Road to Fintown Entrance
Install edge lines and retro reflective pavement markers and upgrade street lighting $132,000 City of Armadale
Ranford Road
Southern River Road and Balannup Road
Remove roadside hazards from clear zone and upgrade street lighting $85,000 City of Armadale
Beechboro Road North
Incana Place
Install median seagull island and upgrade street lighting $50,000 City of Bayswater
Belmont Avenue
Alexander Road
Install roundabout and remove existing traffic signals $580,000 City of Belmont
Top Beverley-York Road
Between 2.09km south of Walgy Road and 0.43km north of Walgy Road
Widen and reconstruct sections of seal to 7.0m with 1.5m unsealed shoulders, upgrade intersection with Walgy Road, remove vegetation from clear zone and install delineation, signs and centre line with retro reflective pavement markers $216,940 Shire of Beverley
Parade Road
From 40m to 210m south of Crampton Avenue
Install pedestrian facilities, improve traffic flow, construct bus embayment, upgrade signs and road markings and upgrade street lighting $204,000 City of Bunbury
Wyong Road
Baldock Street and Manning Road
Modify layout to reinforce priority at Wyong Road/Baldock Street intersection, increase separation of this intersection and Manning Road and reduce radius on left turn lane on Manning Road to this intersection $126,000 City of Canning
Bannister Road
Magnet Road
Modify intersection, reinforce priority, install median island on Magnet Road, install left turn lane to Magnet Road and improve sight lines on Bannister Road $96,000 City of Canning
Kewdale Road
Dowd Street
Lengthen right turn pockets on Kewdale Road $90,000 City of Canning
Leach Highway
Karel Avenue
Extend right turn pocket on Leach Highway to Karel Avenue $90,000 City of Canning
Nicholson Road
High Road
Upgrade intersection lighting $60,000 City of Canning
Apsley Road
Malindi Street
Install median island on Malindi Street to improve/reinforce priority, improve signage and upgrade street lighting $39,000 City of Canning
Spearwood Avenue
Rockingham Road
Modify intersection layout and install right turn arrows to traffic signals $175,000 City of Cockburn
Mills Road West
Station Street
Install pre-deflection on approaches to roundabout $180,000 City of Gosnells
Kalamunda Road
Newburn Road and Chipping Drive
Re-position and increase size of roundabout, reduce western approach on Kalamunda Road to one lane and install pre-deflection on eastern and western approaches $181,620 Shire of Kalamunda
Kalamunda Road
Roe Highway
Install overhead mast arms to existing traffic signals on Kalamunda Road $80,000 Shire of Kalamunda
North Lake Grace-Karlgarin Road
Between 0.87km east of Kennedy Road and 1.72km west of Kuender South Road
Widen seal, realign sharp curves, remove vegetation from clear zone, upgrade drainage and culverts and install delineation, signs and line marking $71,031 Shire of Lake Grace
Lakes Road East
Between Manna Road and Stock Road
Install audible edge lines $12,000 City of Mandurah
Del Park Road
Between 1.65km south of Whittakers Road and 0.09km of Scarp Road
Widen seal width to 7.0m with 1.5m sealed shoulders and install safety barriers, signs and line marking $1,050,000 Shire of Murray
Corio Road
Between Paterson Road and 1.83km north of Venn Road
Widen seal width to 7.0m with 1.5m sealed shoulders and install signs and line marking $690,000 Shire of Murray
Balingup-Nannup Road
Between 0.2km north of Ewarts Road and 0.41km north of Lewana Road
Remove vegetation and roadside hazards from clear zone, reinstate gravel shoulders and improve delineation and advisory signs on curves $550,000 Shire of Nannup
Fitzgerald Street
John Street
Ban right turn movements to/from Fitzgerald Street, install left in/left out island on John Street and improve line markings and signs $40,000 City of Perth
Aberdeen Street
Parker Street
Ban right turn movements to/from Aberdeen Street, install left in/left out island on Parker Street and improve line markings and signs $30,000 City of Perth
McGregor Street
Lukis Street
Upgrade intersection, remove vegetation and roadside hazards from clear zone, improve drainage and delineation, realign footpath, install barriers, signs and line marking and upgrade street lighting $152,000 Town of Port Hedland
Safety Bay Road
Mandurah Road
Install pre-deflection on south approach to roundabout $75,000 City of Rockingham
Manning Road
Elderfield Road
Extend right turn pockets and upgrade street lighting $192,500 City of South Perth
Alexander Drive
Rookwood Street and Melrose Crescent
Ban right turn movements at intersection, except from Alexander Drive to Melrose Crescent $100,000 City of Stirling
Northwood Drive
Chesterfield Road
Lengthen left turn pocket to Chesterfield Road $60,000 City of Stirling
Main Street
Federal Street
Extend median island through intersection $40,000 City of Stirling
Beach Road
Malaga Drive
Lengthen right turn pocket on Beach Road $100,000 City of Swan
Roberts Road
Orrong Road
Ban right turn movement out of Roberts Road on to Orrong Road and provide a U-turn facility on Orrong Road for cars only $220,000 Town of Victoria Park
Temple Street
Hordern Street
Reinforce priority on all approaches, install median islands on Hordern Street, upgrade signs and install pedestrian crossing $38,863 Town of Victoria Park
Mogumber-Yarrawindah Road
Between Bindoon-Moora Road and 0.41km west of Great Northern Highway
Improve delineation, install centre line and upgrade and install new signs and guide posts $56,500 Shire of Victoria Plains
Marmion Avenue
Neerabup Road and Anchorage Drive
Install left turn lane on Marmion Avenue to Neerabup Road $800,000 City of Wanneroo
Neaves Road
Between 0.16km east of Dempster Place and Via Vista Drive
Improve delineation and install signs and guide posts $20,000 City of Wanneroo