Another positive step in Australia-China aviation

Media Release


23 August 2017

  • Jetstar marks its return to the mainland China market
  • Decision follows finalisation of landmark bilateral ‘open-skies’ air services agreement in December 2016
  • The route—between Zhengzhou and Melbourne—provides travellers with more choice and improves connectivity to one of Australia's major trading partners

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester today predicted further passenger growth between Australia and China with Jetstar announcing its return to mainland China.

“The announcement builds on the landmark ‘open skies’ air services arrangements between Australia and China settled in December 2016,” Mr Chester said.

“I welcome the decision to commence flights between Melbourne and Zhengzhou from December, which initially provides for two services per week. This service will provide a greater level of connectivity between our two countries and more choice for travellers.

“China is the second largest source of visitor arrivals for Australia after New Zealand, with around 1.2 million visitor arrivals in the year to March 2017. That's nearly one in every seven visitors.

“There were 2.7 million passengers carried between Australia and China on direct air services in the last year, which is an increase of 23.6 per cent over the previous year.

“Liberalising our air services arrangements and engaging in a closer relationship with China has been one of my top priorities since I became the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

“Just last month I visited China to explore how the world's second largest economy manages a range of transport-related issues, including the delivery of major infrastructure projects.

“China is and will remain one of our important trading partners, and it's great to see Jetstar capitalising on these significant growth opportunities.”

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