Coalition Government fixing treacherous roads in the Northern Territory

Media Release


06 June 2017

Joint release with:

Nigel Scullion

Senator for the Northern Territory Chair of the Northern Territory Black Spot Consultative Panel

  • Northern Territory allocated $1.2 million under latest Black Spot Programme funding
  • On average, black spot projects reduce fatal and injury crashes by 30%

The Coalition Government is increasing the safety of Territory motorists by upgrading four roads that have a history of crashes.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, and Country Liberals Senator for the Northern Territory and Chair of the Northern Territory Black Spot Consultative Panel, Nigel Scullion, today announced $1.2 million for the Territory under the Black Spot Programme's2017-18 funding round.

“The Australian Government knows the difference safer roads make to the community and by improving these ‘black spot’ roads over the next 12 months everyone will benefit,” Mr Chester said.

“I'm passionate about keeping people safe on our roads, and on average completed Black Spot road projects reduce fatalities and injuries by 30 per cent,” Mr Chester said.

Senator Scullion said this investment in black spot projects would deliver safer roads in four local government areas throughout the Northern Territory.

“The four black spot projects will make a significant contribution to improving road safety in the Territory, with 13 injury crashes recorded at two of the sites, and the other two sites identified as being dangerous and in need of proactive treatment,” Senator Scullion said.

The Coalition Government would like to thank the panel, which reviews priorities for the Black Spot programme, including representatives from the NT Road Transport Association, NT Police, the Automobile Association of the NT, and territory and local government representatives.

For more information on the Coalition Government's Black Spot Programme, or to nominate a black spot, visit

A full list of the Black Spot projects in the Northern Territory is below.


Project Name


Australian Government FundingOther ContributionTotal Estimated CostLocal Government Area

Chung Wah Terrace
Emery Avenue

Channelised left turn treatment, and two-staged crossing with correct vehicle storage capacity and angle of sightline at the refuge

$392,000 $100,000

(NT Government)

$492,000 Palmerston

Trower Road
Alawa Crescent,
Styles Street, Iris Street

Construct channelised right turn at Alawa Crescent intersection, and ban right turns at Styles Street and Iris Street

$276,000 $100,000

(NT Government

$376,000 Darwin

Anyula Street
Robinson Road

Construct 2.0 metre wide footpath, formalise drainage, improve road condition

$194,304   $194,304 Roper Gulf

Gorge Road
Between Morris Road and Two-Mile Creek bridge

Widen shoulder, improve signage, provide edgelines, install RRPMs and guide posts

$300,000 $300,000


$600,000 Katherine