Safer roads, safer cars, safer people

Media Release


10 April 2017

Police officers across Australia will be out in force over the Easter long weekend but road safety is not just their responsibility.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to accept responsibility for our own actions, every time we get behind the wheel.

Last year over the Easter long weekend 8 people didn't make it back home; the year before 22 people.

This year let us aim for this to be zero.

As you plan the Easter road trip, try to factor in mini breaks and actions you will take to have a safe and enjoyable long weekend drive.

Road trauma is increasing in Australia. After decades of improvements, a spike in recent years demands action from us all.

By working together at a community level, with our police, and at government level across federal, state and local jurisdictions, we can do better, and I'm determined see that happen.

The 2016 road deaths total was 1,300. I don't accept that in 2017 another 1,300 Australians have to be added in addition to the tens of thousands injured during the year.

Of course, governments need to provide safer roads, police need to enforce laws, but it is also about the decisions people make on the road—whether it be speeding, answering the phone, not taking a break, or taking a risk when overtaking.

Drivers need to choose wisely, for themselves, their loved ones and for others.