Wing part confirmed as coming from MH370

Media Release


16 September 2016

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said today that a wing part from a Boeing 777 found in June 2016 on the island of Pemba off Tanzania had been conclusively determined as coming from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

“At the request of the Government of Malaysia, the part was transported to Australia where it was examined by experts at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB),” Mr Chester said.

“Examination revealed the presence of unique identifying numbers relating to the part's construction which allowed it to be determined as definitely coming from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

“The finding of this debris—the second piece to be conclusively linked to MH370—further affirms the focus of search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean. It does not, however, provide information that can be used to determine a specific location of the aircraft.

“The search for MH370 is continuing and we remain hopeful the aircraft will be located.

“Ministers from Malaysia, the People's Republic of China and Australia agreed at the tripartite meeting on 22 July 2016 to suspend the search for MH370 if the aircraft is not located in the current search area, unless credible new evidence about the specific location of the aircraft emerges.

“Other debris recently provided to the ATSB is still being assessed.”