New funding for roads in Northern Australia

Media Release


24 October 2016

  • The Turnbull-Joyce government is committing $700 million to improve roads in Northern Australia.
  • $100 million is being invested under the Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme, and an additional $200 million under the Northern Australia Roads Programme.
  • Funding for 25 priority projects in QLD, NT & WA have been announced today.

The Turnbull-Joyce Government is developing Northern Australia and improving the economic outlook with priority road upgrades announced today.

As of today a total $700 million has been committed under the Northern Australia Roads Programme (NARP) and Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester announced $300 million in additional funding today during a visit to Rockhampton with Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry.

The Federal Government today committed around $100 million to improve roads essential to cattle transportation and around $200 million under the NARP to fund high-priority projects, which builds on the $360 million committed under the first tranche of NARP.

“The Beef Roads Programme recognises moving cattle from the farm gate to market involves some of the longest and most challenging land transport distances of any industry, anywhere in the world,” Mr Chester said.

“The beef roads and NARP programmes will support economic development in the north by funding targeted upgrades on key roads necessary for transporting cattle—improving the resilience of cattle supply chains, improving safety, and reducing travel times, vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

“The Australian Government is committed to delivering jobs, productivity improvements and economic growth to all Australians and is investing $50 billion in key infrastructure projects across Australia to achieve this.

The Government is pleased to partner with the Qld, NT and WA governments, which have each committed to provide a co-contribution for these projects. NARP and Beef Roads projects will be funded on an 80:20 basis. A full list of projects is below.

Project NameProject DescriptionAustralian Government funding (up to)
Rockhampton Road Network—Road Train Access (Stage 2) Upgrading between Gracemere saleyards and the Rockhampton abattoirs to provide access for Type 1 Road Trains. $20.00 million
Burke Developmental Road—Chillagoe to Almaden (Package 1) Progressive sealing works. $4.31 million
Burke Developmental Road—Chillagoe to Almaden (Package 2) Progressive sealing works. $1.66 million
Clermont—Alpha Road (Package 1) Progressive sealing works. $ 2.00 million
Clermont—Alpha Road (Package 2) Progressive sealing works. $ 4.01 million
Clermont—Alpha Road (Package 3) Progressive sealing works. $0.96 million
Ootann Rd—Almaden to Kennedy Hwy (Gunnawarra) (Package 1) Progressive sealing works. $0.66 million
Ootann Rd—Almaden to Kennedy Hwy (Gunnawarra) (Package 2) Progressive sealing works. $4.10 million
Gregory Developmental Road (South of Charter Towers) Widening works. $4.63 million
Richmond-Croydon Road (Package 1) Progressive sealing works. $3.20 million
Richmond-Croydon Road (Package 2) Progressive sealing works. $0.96 million
Cloncurry—Dajarra Road Progressive sealing works.. $2.58 million
Diamantina Developmental Road (Boulia—Dajarra) Rehabilitation and widening works. $4.03 million
Richmond—Winton Road (Package 1) Progressive sealing works $2.97 million
Richmond—Winton Road (Package 2) Progressive sealing works $0.80 million
Barkly Stock Route (NT) Upgrading a section of the route $10.00 million
Tablelands Highway (NT) Upgrading sections of the Highway to a two lane sealed standard $20.00 million
Great Northern Highway (WA) Highway widening $12.51 million
Bowen Developmental Road Progressive paving, sealing and drainage works $23.00 million
Landsborough Highway (Longreach—Winton) Pavement widening and strengthening of around 24 kilometres $19.99 million
Peak Downs Highway (Clermont—Nebo) Logan Creek to Nine Mile Creek—Pavement widening and strengthening $28.00 million
Rockhampton (Bajool—Port Alma Road) Upgrades to the port access road—pavement widening and safety upgrades $11.60 million
Buntine Highway (NT) Strengthening, widening and sealing priority sections $32.06 million
Bow River Bridge (WA) Replacing the existing single-lane bridge with a new two-lane bridge $30.79 million
Cape Leveque Road (WA) Road re-construction and re-alignment $52.53 million