Confirmation further debris from MH370

Media Release


12 May 2016

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has today released a Technical Examination Report into the findings of the examination of debris recovered from beaches in South Africa and Mauritius.

The two pieces of debris—designated in the report as Part Numbers 3 and 4—were initially examined at the Geoscience Australia facility for the presence of marine ecology and remnants of biological material prior to examination by the ATSB.

Part Number 3 found in South Africa has been confirmed as a segment from an engine cowling. It was identified by the Rolls Royce stencil, which was found to be consistent with that developed and used by Malaysian Airlines.

Part Number 4 found in Mauritius in April has been identified as an interior panel from the main cabin. It was found to be consistent with the decorative laminate of a work table used at the forward right hand door on Malaysian Boeing 777s.

More than 105,000 square kilometres of the 120,000 square kilometre search zone in the southern Indian Ocean has been searched.

"The Australia Government will continue to work closely with the Malaysian Government and the People's Republic of China in our efforts to locate the missing aircraft," Mr Chester said.

"We remain hopeful the aircraft will be found," he said.

More information about the search can be found on the Joint Agency Coordination Centre website at