Stay safe flying drones this Boxing Day

Media Release


26 December 2016

Drones were one of the top Christmas presents of 2016 - but along with the fun of flying there’s a responsibility to stay safe, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said.

“If you were lucky enough to unwrap a drone make sure you have read the safety rules,” Mr Chester said.

“These rules protect people, property and aircraft from any potential risks.”

Drone safety rules are simple, easy to follow:

  • Keep the drone more than 30 metres away from other people;
  • Never fly the drone around crowds or groups of people;
  • Keep the drone in sight at all times; and
  • In major cities fly the drone below 400 feet (120 metres).

“If people flying a drone see a low flying aircraft nearby they should land their drone immediately,” Mr Chester said.

“Never fly close to an airport or place where aircraft regularly operate, such as helipads.

“Many drones have the rules included in the packaging but it is important to check you have them.

“If in doubt the rules are available online on the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s website.

“Heavy penalties apply for those who break the rules,” Mr Chester said.

To download the drone safety brochure visit:

Find comprehensive safety information on flying recreational drones: