Travel warning: carriage of lithium ion batteries on aircraft

Media Release


12 August 2016

The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester issued a reminder to airline passengers to carefully consider items in their carry-on luggage after a lithium battery in a passenger's carry-on bag caught fire at Sydney Airport.

“On this occasion the battery caught fire while the plane was on the ground and the issue was resolved. Whilst there was no damage to the aircraft, several passengers did report feeling ill. This incident serves as a warning to the dangers of carrying these batteries on flights,” Mr Chester said.

“We are all reminded before boarding of potential items, including loose lithium ion batteries, that should not fly.

“Most passengers would be aware of the more obvious hazardous items that should not board an airplane including flammable liquids, dangerous chemicals or compressed gases, but everyday items must also be considered before boarding including toiletries, aerosols and tools.

“The Australian Government has in place regulations designed to ensure the safety of passengers, but it is also everyone's responsibility to declare dangerous items.

“In Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority works closely with airlines and the aviation industry to minimise the risk of in-flight incidents. In recent years it has increased the focus on the carriage of personal electronic devices.

“I urge all travellers to read the warnings about dangerous items when checking in and surrender these items before boarding for the safety of everyone on the flight,” Mr Chester said.

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