Road Safety—Letter to the Editor

Opinion Piece


04 September 2017

Too many people are killed and injured on regional roads and we all have to do our bit to reduce road trauma.

As drivers, we have to take responsibility for our own actions and as the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, I have to help deliver ongoing funding for better, safer roads.

This year's budget featured $75 billion for infrastructure over 10 years and importantly, included commitments for ongoing programs in regional areas like Roads to Recovery, Bridges Renewal, Road Blackspots and the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program. It also included record funding for passenger and freight rail projects.

Road safety is a high priority and over the past 18 months I have brought together some of the brightest minds in our nation to provide further advice on steps we can take to save more lives in the future.

But if you watch the metropolitan-based media coverage of Federal Parliament you could be forgiven for believing that Australia has ground to a halt and nothing is being talked about apart from same-sex-marriage and the dual citizenship saga.

Outside the Canberra bubble, nothing could be further from the truth.

Having just visited transport infrastructure construction sites in regional areas across four states, I can state with confidence that this government is delivering the jobs and growth we promised in the election.

There are tens of thousands of Australians currently employed on regional projects either fully funded, or partially funded by the Federal Government.

They are building the roads, railway lines, bridges, airports and ports that keep Australia moving and will deliver a long-term social and economic dividend.

When I meet with them, they are talking about how they are delivering innovative solutions to difficult engineering and safety problems.

In an era of political discourse with a shallow and negative focus on personalities, it is inspiring to talk with positive Australians getting on with the job of building for our future and making a real difference in regional communities.

Quite simply: the work they are doing will change lives and it will save lives. They are certainly ‘doing their bit’.